Are the John’s Auto Spa Vacuums free?

Yes! Our self-service vacuums are always complimentary with a wash and are available at our Mishawaka location for use during business hours. Just park in a vacuum stall, grab the hose, and get cleaning! Trash cans are conveniently located in every vacuum stall for larger items. As a courtesy to others, please limit your vacuuming time to 15 minutes.

Do you provide any interior detailing?

We do not offer interior detailing. Our focus is to get the exterior of your vehicle clean and sparkling, quickly and conveniently. We do offer complimentary vacuums and will soon have mat cleaners.

Do I stay inside my car?

Our automated pay stations and conveyor belt system mean you never have to leave the comfort of your driver’s seat! The pay stations are convenient and customer-friendly, but if you need assistance, one of our awesome employees will assist you!

Do you take credit cards?

We accept all major credit and debit cards in addition to cash.

Will the “wash material” scratch my car?

Not a chance! Our soft foam material is specially designed to be gentle on your car’s exterior. Since our wash begins with a soap pre-soak and high-pressure wash, the dirt and grime are already loosened up before the foam touches your car. The foam-like material of our wash doesn’t trap any dirt or debris. John’s Auto Spa works diligently to ensure that the cleaning experience is as safe as possible.

Are there vehicle restrictions for your car wash tunnel?

John’s Auto Spa in Mishawaka can accommodate vehicles up to 7′ tall and up to 7′ wide! Vehicles must have at least 3″ of ground clearance. We ask that pickup beds be clean and free from any items and debris. If you have any questions or concerns about our wash being able to accommodate your vehicle, please consult with one of our employees before entering the tunnel.

Do you close on bad weather days?

Our staff is usually always on-site, however, when there are extreme temperatures, we may have to close. We will post all of our closings on all our various outlets. Please remember, if you wash your car in temperatures below freezing, your doors and windows may freeze shut. We also reserve the right to close for rain situations, maintenance, etc.

What is Magnesium chloride?

Magnesium chloride or “Mag Chloride” is a salt compound that is pre-applied to the road during snow events in Indiana to prevent icing. If magnesium chloride is left on your car for too long, it can cause corrosion and rust. It is a good idea to wash your car after snow storms.

Are you a franchise?

No. We are a local family-owned and operated car wash by Indiana residents.

How often should I wash/wax my vehicle?

Wash frequency really depends on the climate and environment that you live in. In Indiana, it is important to wash frequently enough to remove pollutants from rain, dead bugs, magnesium chloride, etc. Additionally, the more you wash, the more you should wax your car.

We will compensate for any damages, in the event our car wash is responsible by wash equipment failure. We cannot, however, be responsible when instructions from employees or instructional signs are not followed.

John’s Auto Spa must also be informed promptly (same day) of any issues. Each customer understands and accepts as a condition of patronizing this car wash that John’s Auto Spa will not be held liable for damages or injuries arising from the following:

  •  Vehicles 5 years or older
  • All non-factory installed accessories
  • Driver negligence
  • Aftermarket racks of any king (roof, bike, hitch, etc)
  • All loose items (trims, wipers, mirrors, rails, etc)
  • Aftermarket wheels or extended valve stems
  • Previous bodywork, pre-existing or unforeseen conditions or defects
  • Existing chips in glass that may expand
  • Moon roofs, sunroofs, or glass
  • Previous paint defects (surface marring, halo-scratches, holograms, etching)
  • Electric mirrors, running boards, and antennas not folded in or retracted
  • Antennas of any kind including “fin style” (Recommend removing antennas)
  • Automatic Windshield wipers left on

Open pick-up beds must be cleared from all debris prior to entering the car wash

VIP Plan

Our monthly plans come in two types, a standard style plan designed for single vehicles and a family plan that allows for up to four vehicles on a single credit card. 

Plate Swapping
Plate swapping (using a single plate swapped between vehicles to wash multiple vehicles under one plan) is fraud and will result in an immediate BAN from all John’s Auto Spa wash locations and NO fees will be refunded. 

We are able to price competitively and offer a truly unlimited wash experience because we trust our members. Violators break that trust and we see that as an act against all other paying members as well as fraud against our company.