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Please Review Our Car Wash Terms & Conditions

We (John's Auto Spa) will compensate for any damages, in the event our car wash is responsible by wash equipment failure. We cannot, however, be responsible when instructions from employees or instructional signs are not followed.

John’s Auto Spa must also be informed promptly (same day) of any issues. Each customer understands and accepts as a condition of patronizing this car wash that John’s Auto Spa will not be held liable for damages or injuries arising from the following:

Vehicles 5 years or older
All non-factory installed accessories
Driver negligence
Aftermarket racks of any king (roof, bike, hitch, etc)
All loose items (trims, wipers, mirrors, rails, etc)
Aftermarket wheels or extended valve stems
Previous bodywork, pre-existing or unforeseen conditions or defects
Existing chips in glass that may expand
Moon roofs, sunroofs, or glass
Previous paint defects (surface marring, halo-scratches, holograms, etching)
Electric mirrors, running boards, and antennas not folded in or retracted
Antennas of any kind including “fin style” (Recommend removing antennas)
Windshield wipers & Automatic Windshield wipers left on

Recommend folding in mirrors
Open pick-up beds must be cleared from all debris prior to entering the car wash

For Mishawaka Car Wash
Ground clearance 3” max width 87” height 84”

For Nappanee Car Wash
Ground clearance 5"
Max tire width 12.5”

Max vehicle width 70” height 84”

VIP Plan
Our monthly plans come in two types, a standard style plan designed for single vehicles and a family plan that allows for up to four vehicles on a single credit card.

Plate Swapping
Plate swapping (using a single plate swapped between vehicles to wash multiple vehicles under one plan) is fraud and will result in an immediate BAN from all John’s Auto Spa wash locations and NO fees will be refunded.

We are able to price competitively and offer a truly unlimited wash experience because we trust our members. Violators break that trust and we see that as an act against all other paying members as well as fraud against our company.

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